Yun Zhiwei

2.5D Tea Table

A tea table made with Chinese and Western culture background. The surface was painted with the brush. As people drink tea, they can watch the moving fish on the surface of the table has been designed.

31''w x 10''h x 23''d
Material: Acrylic, acrylic paint


The idea of tea table inspired by the traditional tea culture from China, now famous spread in Japan. Lots of people know Japanese tea culture, China is the hometown of tea and the birthplace of tea culture. A modern vision tea table came across in my mind.

I designed a moving vague fish pattern on the back side and bright colorful gradient color in the front. The reason why I use fish pattern becomes fish means so many meaning in China. “年年有余”; “泉涸,鱼相与处於陆,相呴以溼,相濡以沫,不如相忘於江湖”, In Chuang Tzu thought, fish can swim freely in the water, it means to yearn for freedom, looking forward to unfettered life. In ancient time, people drink tea in the pavilion which is next to the river and enjoy nature. It is related to the fish symbol.

In my previous works, I used spray paint to fill the color. This time, I want to try something different, so I chose acrylic paint to brush paint everything. It took a long process to finish it, but I enjoyed the time when I was painting it. The process becomes a meditation for me during the last week. I like the brush texture on the table, playing with the digital cut clear lines with the random brush painting. The pattern didn't come out that clear maybe because the color is mixed together. Instead of showing a strong op pattern it becomes looming.