Yun Zhiwei


Wave Wave —Wave
"Wave" —— Different morphology of water waves —— The variability of nature

This series is inspired by water waves. Different natural factors affect the different shapes of water waves, I used random combinations of nine different waves in one piece to show the endless possibilities of nature.

W 300mm x H 35mm x D 300mm.
Material: Ceramics with white glaze


The process of "Wave": I used plaster to do the mold, then carve and shape it with sculpting knife and sponge. It is interesting, I can feel the beauty of the wave when I made them. I did four different 33x33cm square molds to show four examples of water waves. Then turning model in other four white stronger plaster models. At the beginning, I was thinking to make four pieces of them in 3-4 mm thickness. After I tried the thin piece, it seems too thin. That was not as good as expected. So I add four enlarged stands on each edge and a bottom, so it will be a hollow square. The progress of ceramic production depends on the weather, so sometimes it takes a long time if you are waiting for your casting model to dry for the kiln and it is raining all the day. At the end of holiday I just finished one of them.
Final Concept:  
"Wave" —— Different morphology of water waves —— The variability of nature
“Random Combination” —— Nine different water waves in one piece —— The balance of nature system (Natural is full of the order and disorder)
“Unit Dish” —— The disordered dishes can be united as one —— Order is the totality of disorder