OP Lazy Susan Table

The inspiration for the Lazy Susan Table comes from Chinese dining culture. My first thought as a Chinese student studying abroad is how can I express Chinese culture in the west. Through my research and understanding of OP art during my first semester at Cranbrook, I decided to incorporate the effect of visual illusion into my design. In Chinese restaurants, we usually eat by a big lazy susan table, in order to share the different dishes with everyone. At the same time, we love chatting together and share the daily life with each other. 

In the Western culture, there may not be such a collective experience of eating and sharing, so I changed the size of the Chinese table to a smaller version. This creates a scenario where one or two friends can sit around it and chat. As they rotate the table, an op pattern will appear to trigger an interesting conversation topic. Inadvertently, they share the snacks on the table.
30''w x 12''h x 12''d
Material: Clear acrylic, spary paint


Yun Zhiwei