Yun Zhiwei


​The "S" shape is developed through the fusing glass method from 2d to 3d. By using simple elements, to create an elegant vase. Show the beauty of curves and straight lines.
W 270mm x H 130mm x D 5mm.
Material: White Glass


​During the process of exploring glass materials, I collected information online, got the details from glass tutor. Based on this, I did many tests for recording process for learning about glass material and having practical experience. In our workshop, we have two type of main material: white and window glass. The only machine for glass is kiln, so I learned about fusing glass technology.

According to the equipment, I separated my test in two parts. They are both to text the fusing extent. The way to work on it is to use two extra square glass with some fiber paper in the middle. First, use the same temperature to see the difference between two type of glass; Second, use the same type of glass to see the difference in low, medium and high temperature. (At the same time I was doing something with recycle glass bottle as well, the temperature for recycle bottle need to be high temperature. In that case, they are melted together properly)
                                  White Glass                              Window Glass  
[Low]   can see the edge of two glass        melted okay                 
[Midium]         Good                                      Good
[High]               Okay, a bit too much          Too much

From the result of it, I can white and window glass for my object. Because of the color of window glass is a bit green on the edge, so I used white glass.
In the produce of my vase, I was keep improving the shape of it. Used steel metal to create the shape, lay the glass on the top. (The temperature will change the glass shape during the process of kiln, the melting temperature in steel metal is higher than glass.) From the beginning of flat to arched shape, till “S” shape. This is the development from 2d to 3d in fusing glass. At the same time, break the flat customary shape in fusing glass area.

I created tube shape for the part to insert the flower. This is inspired by a flower vase from my favourite designer Shiro Kuramata. His vase gives me the feeling of lucidity and clear. Because of the material, clear glass always presents light, intangible sense. I want to use fewer elements to create a dreamlike quality. I didn’t do any extra decorate add on its beauty. A simple and elegant shape is how I want it to be.