Paperclip Hanger

The hanger for shoes.
W 390mm x H 160mm x D 350mm.
Material: Steel Metal


This object based on the metal material exploration. It is a simple appearance. My idea comes from paper clips. Everyone have the experience with changing the shape of paper clips unconsciously, it is interesting. So why not we have fun with paper clips and see how many ways it can create. I did many small models in different shapes, just use the simple way to transform it. I imagined how it can be when it becomes several times bigger. Then I chose one of them to make this shoes hanger.
In the process of it, I used hollow pipe at the beginning. It didn’t work very well. Because the angle of bending is too much for the hollow pipe. There has nothing can support inside, so it distorted in the angle. Then I used a solid pipe to complete it.

It can hang one shoe on the top, another shoe lay under it. It can suit for many various scenarios. Placed in the youngers’ home with the background in posters walls; alternative style of shoes shop or put lots of them in a low to decorate elegant flat…...

Yun Zhiwei