Forever Flower
A User's Creation Object for drying flowers.
W 80mm x H 125mm x D 80mm.
Material: Reycle Glass Bottle, Metal


This Flower Drier finished under the users’ creative design brief. The challenge is to design and develop an innovative proposal about how to draw out people's creativity and generate great ideas. In this object, I focus on easy for the user to handle and millions creativity can be developed. Something can catch users’ interest.

The idea of making a flower drier come from string art. In daily life I like to make dry flower before they die, normally I will upside down and hang flowers in somewhere. So combine creative string art with vase which can dry flowers is an interesting object.
In the choice of material, I used recycle glass bottle and two pieces of thin metal. Leave the body part of the bottle, use metal to decorate it. Users can use their own wire to create the pattern. In the users manual, I will give some examples to show how can you do with it.

Yun Zhiwei