Miss Sexy

A vase represents love. Flower and condom each stand for romantic and sexual, that is how love made.
W 72mm x H 210mm x D 72mm.
Material: Metal Wire, Condom


My idea inspired by a recycle condom vase. It left an interesting and fun impression on me. But afterward, when I recall this vase, it gives me a new idea and meaning.
Something made of condom and rose; something made of romantic and passionate; something made of sexuality and sensibility, they are the elements of love. In the nature of love, love represents bodily appetites. As philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said, love is the instinct of sex. Love like a mask, sex lay under the surface of it. Instinct guides us to create an illusion in our brain. Romantic rose matches emotional factors, bare condom matches natural sex. They imply the meaning of love.
According to my idea, I redesign and made a condom vase, I used a metal wire entwined with the condom. So it can hold the condom, which is filled with water in a suitable height and width. Use the winding shape of the object to explain the relation of romantic and passionate.

I named it “Miss Sexy” to represent love.

Yun Zhiwei