Spiral Bowl
It can separate into three parts. Because of the toughness of wood, when you put the body on the base it can go down and fit perfectly.
W 260mm x H 120mm x D 260mm.
Material: Ash Wood


This object based on the wood material exploration. My idea comes from Chinese paper cutting. When you cut a certain pattern on folder paper, then lay the paper out and stretch it, it will become a long hollow decorate column. I didn’t think the wood will work like paper or they can stretch with gravity. I texted with 18mm thick MDF at first, created four threads. It works well, so I changed the number of threads to make height better. Then designed a simple support pedestal to hold the spiral part in place, make the high degree of control at the safe range. At the end, I finished it in 17mm ash wood.

Yun Zhiwei